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Mini Browser

Click Here for FREE Download 'Mini Browser' Mini Browser 1.0
Mini Browser is an Chromium based tabbed browse is available for download. Use it as Your default browser replacement or if you trouble any difficulties running standard Internet Explorer (MSIE)
Published by RF1 Systems

  File Size: 36,133 K
OS: Win (All)
Released: 03-Dec-2016
Free to try, $0.00 to buy

Download Mini Browser Free Download

Mini Browser is FREE Chromium-based tabbed browser is available for download.

Including download YouTube videos and much more!
Free to use it as replacement of Your current browser or use it as additional browser.

Free YouTube video downloader included!!!

Flash player built-in!

Internet Browser (Chromium based)
YouTube video downloader (all available formats)
Stay-on-top Youtube (or any other) videos viewer
Tabbed internet browser
Web page to PDF document converter
Adobe Flash player host

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