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5-Stars Awarded

Click Here for FREE Download 'Glass CD Player' Glass CD Player
A new and fun CD Player. It gets it's name from the fact that it is clear, with the ability to see right through it. With a click of a button it minimizes to the tray with right mouse click controls.
Published by Shawn Jetton

  File Size: 1,699 K
OS: Win 95/98/NT/ME
Released: 07-Jan-1999
Free to try, $0.00 to buy

Download Glass CD Player Free Download

Click Here for FREE Download 'tranckCD' tranckCD
A simple CD Player that included all the features of playing an audio CD. Well, check out my free program. Don't cost a penny. Easy to use. Fast running, and pretty nice User Interface.
Published by Chung Tran

  File Size: 1,450 K
OS: Win 95/98/ME
Released: 07-Dec-1998
Free to try, $0.00 to buy

Download tranckCD Free Download

Click Here for FREE Download 'CD Stomper' CD Stomper
Apart from the usual CD controls, CD Stomper includes multiple CD device support, and direct access to each track makes it easy to jump to your favourite tune.
Published by Brute Force Entertainment

  File Size: 438 K
OS: Win 95/98/NT/ME
Released: 05-Dec-1998
Free to try, $0.00 to buy

Download CD Stomper Free Download

Click Here for FREE Download 'CD Music' CD Music
CD Player, Plays Wave File List, Can trace lyrics for karaoke.
Published by Gadi Bergman

  File Size: 350 K
OS: Win 95/98/ME
Released: 28-Nov-1998
Free to try, $0.00 to buy

Download CD Music Free Download

Click Here for FREE Download 'KiNG CD' KiNG CD
Are you sick of looking at a lame cd player that you can hardly understand? Then you need KiNG CD easy to understand and use, you could say that its fit for KINGS.
Published by Josh Penfold

  File Size: 79 K
OS: Win 95/NT
Released: 24-Nov-1998
Free to try, $0.00 to buy

Download KiNG CD Free Download

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