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5-Stars Awarded

Click Here for FREE Download 'Ai Picture Utility' Ai Picture Utility 3 stars3 stars3 stars
Speedy viewer and image album manages, plays, edits, enhances photos. Database queries. Organize by visual content. Unique smoothing + sharpening filters. Slideshows w/ 173 effects. Variable prints. Batch convert, rename, move, unzip ...
Published by Lawrence Gozum / Applied Insights

View screenshot of 'Ai Picture Utility'
File Size: 1,668 K
OS: Win XP
Released: 17-Oct-2011
Free to try, $0.00 to buy

Download Ai Picture Utility Free Download

Register Ai Picture Utility Get Full Version

Click Here for FREE Download 'Fast CD Ripper' Fast CD Ripper 3 stars3 stars3 stars
Fast CD Ripper - tool for converting your audio-CD collection to WMA 9, OGG and MP3 with ID3Tag v2 support and WAV PCM. Fast direct conversion with jitter correction feature and CDDB support combined with handy interface give you a perfect tool.
Published by LitexMedia, Inc.

View screenshot of 'Fast CD Ripper'
File Size: 1,641 K
OS: Win (All)
Released: 25-Mar-2011
Free to try, $19.95 to buy

Download Fast CD Ripper Free Download

Register Fast CD Ripper Get Full Version

Click Here for FREE Download 'Quintessential Player' Quintessential Player
QCD has a fully skinnable interface that covers a powerful plug-in architecture. QCD's flexibility allows it to be as simple or as feature rich as you like.
Published by Quinnware

View screenshot of 'Quintessential Player'
File Size: 2,223 K
OS: Win (All)
Released: 02-Apr-2003
Free to try, $0.00 to buy

Download Quintessential Player Free Download

Click Here for FREE Download 'Synchro CDDB' Synchro CDDB
Listen your favorite CDs while having on your monitor the excellent design of this software.
Published by Wexes, Inc.

  File Size: 1,040 K
OS: Win 95/98/NT/ME
Released: 22-Aug-2000
Free to try, $0.00 to buy

Download Synchro CDDB Free Download

Click Here for FREE Download 'System Tray CD Player' System Tray CD Player
So why would you want another CD Player?
Published by Andrew Nickson

  File Size: 50 K
OS: Win 95/98/NT/ME
Released: 01-Jun-2000
Free to try, $0.00 to buy

Download System Tray CD Player Free Download

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